How tech savvy is that blog/website owner on the site you are chatting on?

When chatting on various websites/blogs we assume the owner of that website/blog is somewhat tech savvy and their website/blog is safe. We take for granted that the owner can catch problems or handle problems when they occur, but are we lulling ourselves into a false sense of security?

Things you may want to know…

The safety of the blog/website you are chatting on is heavily dependent on how tech savvy the owner is. Will the owner even notice whether their website/blog is being hacked into, whether there is a virus on their site, etc.  

Some people assume Ewwww! that website/blog has had problems so they decide not to bother with that website/blog again, but is this the wrong reaction?   Summing the answer up in one word, Yes!  When a website/blog owner notices a problem and is honest enough to tell you about it, realize the owner has taken steps to protect their website/blog from any future problems like that again.  Other owners may have problems on their website/blog, but may choose to keep it a secret from you.  Still other owners whose tech knowledge is limited, may not even notice when someone is attacking their website or blog.  

Whether the website/blog owner is 12 years old or 90 years old, basically your security depends on how tech savvy the website/blog owner is, how tech savvy you are and what kind of security measures you have installed on your own computer.  


Just because you don’t hear about a website/blog owners problems doesn’t mean they don’t have any.


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  1. coconews
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 08:42:33

    When making comments please stick to the topic of this thread which is about website/blog owners looking after the security of their own websites/blogs, watching out hackers, virus attacks, etc., so they do not put bloggers at risk while they are using their site.

    Whether you personally trust a website/blog owner is a totally different topic for another thread.

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