Have you checked your clothes dryer lately? Is your clothes dryer a fire hazard?

Although, the white plastic flexible dryer venting hose has been removed from the market years ago, it is amazing how many people still have this type of hose connected to their dryers in their homes.

Things you may want to know…

The PVC white flexible dryer hose is a fire hazard and if you have one connected to your dryer it needs to be replaced immediately with a metallic one.  When dryer lint builds up in a white flexible hose it can catch fire very quickly.  

You can watch how flammable this type of dryer hose is here.  


A new metallic dryer hose will run you about $2.00 to $4.00 depending on the length you need. A small price to pay for piece of mind compared to living with a potential fire hazard.


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  1. coconews
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 20:02:08

    I was reminded of this because the place we moved in to had one of these white flexible dryer hoses.

    Years ago, when I moved into a place I pulled out the stacker washer and dryer and discovered a few burn mark holes in a white plastic dryer hose. The hose didn’t even have much lint build up in it either, but still burnt. I immediately replaced it with a metallic one.

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