Why do home owners deny problems that are on the home buyer’s inspection report?

So you finally took the plunge and decided to purchase a home, but the inspection report reveals items that might be costly to fix.  The home owner is upset over your inspection report, they say your report is inaccurate there is nothing wrong with their house.  The real estate agents may not be too happy either because their commissions are on the line if you back out of the deal.  Perhaps, your real estate agent is even telling you that it won’t cost that much to fix the items that the inspector discovered. You are getting opinions from different directions. It is stressful and confusing, but what should you do?  

Things you may want to know…reasons why home owners may deny home buyer’s inspection reports:

My Investment – Because a home is usually the biggest investment decision people make, some home owners can not believe and/or refuse to believe anything can be wrong with their investment choice period. “Why I couldn’t have of bought a home that needs repair.”  “I couldn’t have bought a lemon.” etc. 

Emotional attachment – If a home owner has owned the home for a long time and/or has a lot of happy memories associated with the home this can cloud their judgement too.  It’s a happy house, how can there be anything wrong with it?

Financial investment – If the home owner has invested money into renovations like painting, new flooring, etc. they may have a hard time believing anything else could ever be wrong with their house, because they would have noticed it during the renovation process themselves. 

Expert – Some owners believe if they live in a house for a certain time period they have become repair experts, they have already fixed everything wrong with their home and nothing else could ever be wrong with it.

Time – When the home owner invests a lot of time into “do it yourself” renovations, this becomes their second job. If the home inspector’s report reveals something wrong with their own workmanship, this can become a sore point.

In a rush – The home owner may have deadlines of their own. Buying another home, getting married, moving to another province, state or country, flipping the home for profit, etc. Time is ticking and the last thing they want to hear about is that their home has problems.

Inspectors reputation – Some very thorough home inspectors have bad reputations because their honest, thorough, home inspection reports can cause buyers to back out of purchasing the home.  You may hear a lot of rumors and/or stories about how bad/inaccurate your inspection report is from all sides. 

Profit – The home owner wants to make “X” amount of profit on their home when they sell it.  They may not be pleased to see that their home has repair issues because that may cut into their bottom line and/or future financial plans.

Unexpected problems – The home owner may already be aware of problems with the home, but the inspection report reveals additional problems they didn’t expect to have on top of everything else.


If you are a home buyer and you find yourself in this situation, try not to let your emotions get the best of you.  This includes: 

But, it is our dream home – A dream can turn into a nightmare if the home requires a lot of costly repairs. Consider a home like a date, it may look good, but as you get to know it you may not really like it, let alone want to commit to it.   A high maintenance home and/or a home that requires a lot of costly repairs can cause a lot of financial strain and take its toll on the best of relationships.

Short on time, in a hurry or a rush – We have to remove the subjects by such and such date.  We have to move before the kids are back in school, etc.  Try to slow down, rushed decisions are not always the best decisions.  You can always ask for your subject removal date to be extended if the inspection report reveals problems you want to investigate further, etc.

Second guessing/doubting – If you find yourself second guessing or doubting your home inspection report and/or inspector’ reputation, ask yourself the reasons why?  Have you become desperate to own a home, any home?  Are you ignoring major repair problems for the sake of owning a home?  Have you actually obtained quotes from contractors for estimated repair costs before proceeding or are you second guessing yourself that you can financially handle any repair bills?

Buying a home is like a waiting for a bus, if you wait long enough, another one will come along. Plus, you may not want to jump on the first bus (home) you see, it may take you in the wrong direction.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coconews
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:14:30

    Do you have the experience of a home owner denying what a home inspection report revealed or know of someone who has? What happened? Did they or you buy it anyway? Did the home turn out to be okay, a money pit or what?

  2. Kim
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 15:55:29

    That sure is a funky looking house.

    I know some people who bought a house and ignored the home inspectors warnings. They have spent a fortune on repairs and will not tell me the total. I’m guessing about 100k there about.

    I noticed the new link in your blog roll and clicked on it. I like the new blog you set up, but the bug dishes are really gross.

  3. coconews
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 16:21:09


    You are pretty observant and beat me to the official announcement. I just started up a new blog with a different kind of twist called “Is it your taste?” (in the link section of this blog, to your right)

    So if you don’t want to make a comment here or don’t like the topic, you may have something to say over there instead. The topics are lighter, stranger and more humorous to say the least.

  4. Nick Gromicko
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 20:29:00

    Sellers should do their own inspections and have the reports available for all to view on http://www.MoveInCertified.com

    Nick Gromicko
    InterNACHI, non-profit inspection trade association.

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