When commenting on a website or blog do your comments keep going into cyberspace? Why can’t I comment on that blog or website? Banned from a website or blog?

For weeks, months or years you have been happily participating in the comments section of your favourite blog or website.  Suddenly, you try to post a comment and find your comments keep going off into cyberspace.  Thinking the website or blog is on the fritz, you try posting your comment several times to no avail.  Alternatively, you may try posting other comments and  find those comments may or may not go through either.  Wondering what is going on?  What are the things you may want to know...when your comments don’t go through?

Technical Problems – There can be genuine technical problems with the website or blog.  Are other users commenting that comments are not posting too?  Are there no comments posted  on the site whatsoever or does this situation involve your comments only?

Censorship – The owner of the blog or website has the ability to enter key words that can block certain comments from being published.  Your comments have not gone into cyberspace, the comments are waiting for approval in the background of that website or blog.  The owner makes the choice whether to approve (publish) or delete your comment. Sometimes the censorship words are obvious like swearing, other times it may be more obscure like words not to tick off their advertisers. The censored words can be based on the owners experiences or just plain paranoia too.

Jealously – Yes it can rear its ugly head, as over time your posts or comments may be getting more attention than the blog or website owners.  The owners can block your IP address so you can’t make any comments again.  Limits can be set on the number of posts, the number of words, etc. you can post on their websites too. One way or another they will try to get you off their site.  Owners will not make public comments that they want you off their site because it makes them look unstable or bad to their advertisers and/or other users. If this is happening to you, take the hint and find another blog or website that appreciates your contributions.

Pre-approval – At any time, the owner can set up  a new commenting system that requires comments to be approved by them before they appear on their blog or website.  Are they being mean?  No.  I do this myself because I receive more pieces of spam on a daily basis than genuine comments.

Abandonment – Due to health issues the owner may have abandoned the blog or website. There could be nothing wrong with the comment you submitted, it’s just stuck in pre-approval limbo land.

Off the Deep End – Personal issues might have gotten the best of blog or website owner. Divorce, death in the family, fighting with their spouse, depression, etc.  Instead of recognizing that they should take a breather away from their blog or website, they operate in a overemotional, overstressed mode.  Comments are deleted at random, IP addresses are blocked out of the blue, their comments are odd, mad or completely non-existent, etc.  It is best to lie low and not comment when you see this happening.  If you absolutely have to comment, keep it too a bare minimum so you don’t aggravate them. You don’t want to be permanently blocked from their site, do you?

Self Destruction – The owner of a popular website or blog may be unable to tell its advertisers and users that they are fed up with their website or blog and want to shut it down.  Odd things are done on purpose over time to drive down traffic and have advertisers leave so they can eventually shut it down.

Remember…Don’t fall in love with a website or blog who doesn’t appreciate your contributions and wants to divorce you.  It may take a bit of effort to find a new website or blog that suits your needs, but you will be better off in the long run.


How tech savvy is that blog/website owner on the site you are chatting on?

When chatting on various websites/blogs we assume the owner of that website/blog is somewhat tech savvy and their website/blog is safe. We take for granted that the owner can catch problems or handle problems when they occur, but are we lulling ourselves into a false sense of security?

Things you may want to know…

The safety of the blog/website you are chatting on is heavily dependent on how tech savvy the owner is. Will the owner even notice whether their website/blog is being hacked into, whether there is a virus on their site, etc.  

Some people assume Ewwww! that website/blog has had problems so they decide not to bother with that website/blog again, but is this the wrong reaction?   Summing the answer up in one word, Yes!  When a website/blog owner notices a problem and is honest enough to tell you about it, realize the owner has taken steps to protect their website/blog from any future problems like that again.  Other owners may have problems on their website/blog, but may choose to keep it a secret from you.  Still other owners whose tech knowledge is limited, may not even notice when someone is attacking their website or blog.  

Whether the website/blog owner is 12 years old or 90 years old, basically your security depends on how tech savvy the website/blog owner is, how tech savvy you are and what kind of security measures you have installed on your own computer.  


Just because you don’t hear about a website/blog owners problems doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

Why did that blog/website shut down? One person’s loss is another person’s gain, why shouldn’t I start up a copycat blog/website when someone shuts theirs down? That person shut down their blog/website, someone else started up similar one, I will just chat on that one, it’s no big deal is it?

Welcome to the fast paced world of high tech.  There are 7.5 million blogs in the world and one new blog is created every second.  So much variety that if you don’t care for one blog you can find another in a matter of minutes/seconds.

But…for every blog/website that is created some owners are shutting down their blogs and websites too. Most people don’t think about the other side of the equation though until now.

Things you may want to know…

There are a variety of reasons websites/blogs shut down these include:

Personal reasons – website/blog is interfering with a marriage/family life taking, health reasons, etc.

Too much spam – yes, just like when you get spam sent to you by email, blogs/websites receive spam too.  Although, most blogs/websites have protection against this sort of thing it can be very annoying too.

People fatigue – the owner of the blog/website gets tired constantly dealing with the naysayers, the disrespectful, etc.  These people may not only be chatting on the blog/website, but they can also be sending the blog/website owner less than stellar emails, telephoning them, etc. This situation would be equal to putting up with a bad boss/co-workers for months/years, finally you just snap, say you have had enough and quit.

The hackers – this one is self explanatory.  I encourage you to read these news links on this subject:

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The stalkers – also self explanatory too, read more about this in the news link below.

Article #4

The money making opportunists – the blog/website owner is providing a free service out of the kindness of their heart and others use the free website/blog as a money making opportunity for themselves. This can take on a variety of forms, from subscription fees for certain types of articles, etc.

Lack of traffic – the number of people looking at the blog/website is minimal or drops off after a certain period of time.

Lack of comments/conversation – makes it very hard for the blog/website owner to determine if people actually like the blog/website itself or the articles posted when people prefer to read the blog/website only instead of making a comment here or there.

Writers block – just like a novelist the blog/website owner can get writer’s block or writer’s fatigue.  

Boredom – days turn into months, months turn into years, years turn into decades.  All good things must come to an end eventually.

Out of style/out of date – some blogs/websites only have so much life in them as long as the topic is popular.  Beanie babies, hockey cards, when will the economy falter, movie star fan clubs, etc.

Time – certain types of blogs/websites can be high maintenance or labour intensive to maintain on a regular basis.  The amount of time spent on a blog/website can interfere with life in general.


Blogs/websites shut down for a variety of reasons. If your planning to copy a format of a website or blog that has shut down, it is probably wise that you contact the previous owner to find out all the reasons that blog or website shut down.  You most likely don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems especially if they have been stalked, hacked, etc.

A similar situation holds true for the blogger themselves.  If someone starts up similar blog/website when someone shuts theirs down, you have no idea what you can be setting yourself up for by chatting on the new blog/website especially if the format they are copying was hacked.  


Are you working for free and don’t know it yet?

What a strange title.  

What do you mean that I could be possibly be working for free and not know it?  That’s impossible you say.  

Let me introduce you into the darker side of being a blogger or blog owner.  

Things you may want to know…

Over 50% of reporters look at blogs. Well, they are just getting some ideas you say.  Yes, that maybe partly true, but not so fast….

Quote from a reporter “I can take any information from a blog, transform it into a story with my own words and the blogger would never know the difference.”  So here you are posting stuff, commenting about everything, chatting to fellow bloggers and having a great time.  And…in the background lurks the reporter who may be transforming words into tomorrows news. A sentence here, a sentence there.  There is one big difference though, the reporter gets paid, the blogger doesn’t.  This is how you can be working for free and don’t know it.          

What you can do….

Nothing much, as it would be very hard to prove unless someone used a lot of your words, word for word. But…at least you are aware that it can and does happen sometimes.  Does every reporter do this? Probably not, but there is almost a million reporters worldwide, so you never know who may be doing what, when and in what country.   

Think twice before publishing something in cyberspace.